From our original niche in the oil and gas sector, CHEQ-IT has expanded its client base to include financial services, transportation, consulting, and other business sectors. Companies large and small, involved in oil and gas production, energy trusts, legal and food services depend on CHEQ-IT products.

Here are just some of the companies that utilize CHEQ-IT for their treasury functions.

  AMEC Earth and Environmental
ARC Financial Corp.
B.C.Public Guardian & Trustee
Blaze Energy Ltd.
Broken Plate Restaurant Chain
Canetic Resources Trust
Crescent Point Energy Trust
Flanagan Foodservice Inc.
Grimshaw Trucking L.P.
Imperial Oil Resources Ltd.
Japan Canada Oil Sands Inc.

Kodiak Energy Ltd.
Mainwood Legal Services
Penn West Petroleum Ltd.
Racing Resources Ltd.
Skyline Roofing Ltd.
Spartan Controls Ltd.
TriStar Oil and Gas Ltd.
Verenex Energy Inc.
Vermilion Resources Ltd.
Westland Ltd.

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